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Mission Statement


Congregation Beth Israel is a welcoming, egalitarian community that is spiritually inclined, soulfully joyful, communally oriented, intellectually geared, and whose goal is to uplift, inspire, and encourage all members and guests to participate in the the life-long journey of Community, Holiness, and Spiritual-seeking in the comfort and depth found in Jewish traditions.

We are a community dedicated to bringing goodness and kindness into the world by harnessing our individual and collective energy, by being accountable to each other and the community-at-large, and by committing to our synagogue and the humanity it represents. Our goal is to transform each individual into a more intentional and compassionate human being using the tools Judaism has to offer.

We believe that Judaism means different things to different people, and our aim is to foster a post-denominational Jewish reality in each of our members. We are a community who delves deeply into the wisdom of classical Judaism, but who also encourage utilizing other spiritual wisdoms and paths to harness and jump-start our Jewish, spiritual journeys with the Divine.

Most importantly, ours is a community where all are welcome, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, and belief system.

Sat, October 24 2020 6 Cheshvan 5781